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Make the most out of your education

gotofi automates organizing your studies by providing a personalized schedule to follow based on your courses, goals, and any activities you do outside of school. 

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1. Tailored to you 

Set up your profile by answering a series of questions to help gotofi understand how you spend your time, what program of study you are in, and other information to help tailor gotofi to you and optimize your experience using the platform.

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3. Assist you with a personalized schedule

Your dashboard will have an overview of all your courses, your top 10–15 priority tasks of the week, and your daily to-dos, which all depend on upcoming dates and your profile.

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2. Save hours setting up your system

Add courses by uploading a syllabus onto gotofi to create a course space in seconds. From a syllabus, gotofi will pull relevant course information such as assignment/quiz/lab/midterm dates, their weights, platforms that the professor uses, and resources(textbooks and websites). This information will fill in a template that will allow you to see and keep track of everything in one place.

4. Utilize your Google Calendar 

Connect to your google calendar to view all important dates and reminders regarding your classes from your calendar to optimize your time and be more productive with your studies.

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 Let gotofi be your personal assistant


about gotofi


It's not easy to organize ourselves during our studies.It takes a lot of time, that we don't have, to make sure we are on top of everything by organizing our own system that works. This can be a huge learning curve to figure out. Along the way, we make mistakes, dents in our academic careers can follow, and this can be very stressful to many.

THIS is the reason why gotofi exists. WE want to take all that stress away.


A world where people can get the most out of their education. 


To create a tool that organizes a student's life effectively in minutes enabling them to be more productive and successful in their studies. 

core value one. 

kind & helpful to everyone

gotofi gives students a space where they can relax, take control, and focus on their goals. 



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